Maskcara Beauty

Does your makeup leave your face looking flat and 1 dimensional? What about giving you the feeling of “cake face”? Most makeup leaves us layering products, adding more and more product to our skin, YUCK!

My name is Taylor Zismer. I am a momma of 2 fur babies. I have a full time job as a Customer Support Manager for an Online Retailer, Part time Photographer & Cosmetologist in addition to Maskcara Beauty Artist

Maskcara has made me feel beautiful and confident in myself. It’s motivated me to build my own empire. I have always loved being an entrepreneur and Maskcara has made me feel like I FINALLY CAN and WILL have the financial freedom to do exactly what I want with my career and life. Maskcara has also helped me love myself through rain or shine.. I know on a gloomy day, I can use my Maskcara and I feel like I am  ready to concur   the world.

Maskcara is about empowering women to look in the mirror and smile, because we deserve to do so. It’s a passion and an opportunity to help women all over the world straighten their crowns and that is exactly why I became a Maskcara Artist.

This company has a huge group of incredible ladies from all walks of life that have the goal of helping other women succeed, that’s it, and that’s all. Each leader wants YOU to come out on top and make all your dreams come true and they are willing to be by your side to help you through every moment of your adventure.

Maskcara has a IIID foundation that highlights your natural features and makes you look youthful/radiant! Seriously, the ladies who I have had the pleasure of doing makeovers on feel and look youthful and healthy with this product. BONUS is NO MORE LAYERING. Our foundation, contour, and blush all have the same coverage so you are only putting the product where it needs to go instead of layering them on top of one another. Bonus x2 our products are versatile meaning our blushes are also our lip colors, which also makes this SO MUCH EASIER and less time consuming! My routine went from 20 min down to less than 10 minutes.







Maskcara Beauty is taking over the beauty industry by offering foundation compacts that are customized for you and only you. Palettes come with your choice of highlight, contour, blush and illuminator… all of which have concealing and coverage capabilities…no matter what age, this IS your foundation. You can also add powders and eye-shadows to your compact, giving you the ability to de-clutter and streamline your makeup collection and buy only what youwant, when you want it.

We might be going out on a limb here, but Maskcara is basically like the Apple of makeup. It’s innovative, fresh and exciting! As Steve Jobs said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” See how design meets function, beauty and ease with Maskcara Beauty!



Sounds too good to be true? I encourage you to check this out for yourself! Our products offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee and our brushes come with a 1 year warranty!








You are welcome to join my beauty empowerment FB Page to find more information and contact me directly! I’d love to color match you to your perfect IIID FOUNDATION!




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